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Help me with my OCD

I had been suffering OCD all my life, started when I was 16 years old with the  HIV virus and after 9/11 continue with the anthrax, the dog rabies and blood and HIV, every 3-4 years I have a crisis and sometimes end in a psychiatric hospital because I cant control it, is any recommendation you can give me?...I had expend most of my life on therapist and psyquiatric doctors that sent me meds that only help to make me gain weight - 30 pounds- that cause me more health problems given that I have fibromyalgia, now I will start EMDR because I also suffer PTSD, severe panic attacks, depression and anxiety disorders, properly im driving myself and my family crazy, they avoid me, ignore me, insult me, call me crazy but I cant find the help I need, im desperate and exhausted of this life.
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How are things going Rana?  I hope the battle is going well.  Do you work with a doctor or psychologist?  
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You definitely sound to have had a very hard time and continue to do so.  I am glad that you are stating EMDR therapy which takes time to work but is supposed to work very well.  However, medication is likely going to be very key for you. If you tried one and didn't like the side effects, then there are others to try. Weight gain can happen but not always.  Some are more weight neutral than others.  And truly, there is a risk to benefit ratio that you will need to do.  If the side effect is not life threatening or super difficult to live with, it may be preferable than living with the disease. OCD can be exhausting.  It CAN get better.

I'm sorry too you don't have anyone to talk to who understands.  So, do you have a psychiatrist that you work with and a psychotherapist? We're here to talk sweetie.
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specialmom thanks very much for your answer, yes ODC is a terrible illnes , and it had been a life battle for me, saddly having a very sick daughter had not help a lot in this matter. Yes, I have psyquiatric doctor and therapist but having problems gaining weight with the meds is a minus because I suffer severe fybromialgia and the more weight, the more pain. Thanks for answering me and listening, im fightthing this illnes with all my heart and I hope I will win and  someday will have more peace. God bless you.
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