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Hiv OCD or real hiv threat.!

Here in one state in India, municipality garbage trucks come door to door for garbage collection. I was new to this system and as I wanted to throw my sanitary pads I went to the end part of the truck as suggested by my family members. I threw the pads at the wrong place and it was at the height where I had to stand on my toes to reach and can't see what else was there. Realising that I threw at wrong place, I picked those pads and put it in biohazard waste. Later when I was biahazard label, I got scared that i might have put my hand in it, or while reaching for the pads I got poked by the needle(I can't be sure as I couldn't see what was kept on it).
I don't remember touching anything or getting hurt from anything. I checked my hands immediately but I did not see any visible injury. But 2 hours later I saw 5 small scratches on my right thumb(I used my thumb and index finger to pick the pads, pads were wrapped in newspaper so it wasn't that gross), I would have picked 4-5 pads one by one.
It's over one now week I am really scared. What if if there was some needle and I scratched my thumb with it, does needle give paper cut like marks. Is it my OCD or some genuine concern? I can't decide. I have no idea what should I do?
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Don't know if you actually have OCD and have been diagnosed with it or are using it colloquially, but being anxious about something isn't the same as OCD.  Also not sure why touching a needle would give you a fear of getting HIV and if I read you right you don't know that you actually touched a needle.  Others on here are more concerned with such details, I'm more concerned with your anxiety as you mention OCD.  So do you have an anxiety problem or an HIV phobia problem?
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It is OCD with anxiety I guess. If one scenario goes away, my mind shift to another scenario. If I give up on my thoughts and get tested I would stay quiet for some days. Then I would worry about other issues like heart disease or kidney disease. Now I worrying about ECG I had and if needle was on bed or something.
That's not OCD, you're describing a different anxiety problem.  I believe it's time to look into therapy if you're not doing that already, as your activity isn't any risk of HIV.  And if you're just switching from one anxious thought to another, it's really time to treat that.  
If it is anxiety or OCD. I can't just stop thinking about it. It is going on for 5 years now. I have my 5 years ruined because of it.
I never had any real hiv risk. But what if's don't leave me. Now if I have single rash or some cold I think it's because or that opens me scenario.
I saw three psychiatrist but they were wanting to push medicines, which I was not ready to take.
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