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Is it moral OCD or am I a bad person

Hi, I have OCD since 12 years and now I am 30. Now the problem I face is I get sexual thoughts about others. These thoughts are about stories my friends told casually or their experiences we had in a normal discussion. Suddenly remember these conversations now and imagine those people having sex. The issue is, these sexual relationships are not legal and are extra marital affairs or partners cheating. Whenever I think of them I get arousal too. So I feel bad. Also I can't masturbate when I feel to because I get thoughts of these illegal affairs. Can anyone relate? Any suggestion to come out of this?
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Here is the thing with ocd thoughts. EVERYONE has random thoughts. Yep, everyone. Some may all of a sudden obscene thought about another person out of the blue. Or maybe they sexually fantasize about someone else's husband for a minute. But you know what? they realize they are just thoughts and they drift right out of their head. OCD'ers? They get stuck. And if we think about them some more, try to solve them, ask for reassurance, look things up or go through ANY mental ritual, we've made the random thought appear REAL to the brain and it starts to bring it back repeatedly. The cure? NOT doing the compulsion to go through mental worry over it. OCD is hard to deal with but there is treatment. Medication CAN help. It then makes it possible to do the therapy that is most effective called Exposure Response Therapy or ERP. The first thing to do is to label these thoughts you are having. This is an ocd thought. That's all it is. I don't have to do anything with it at all. Then get busy doing something else. You practice this over and over? The thought WILL go away and your random sexual thoughts will stay random and NOT spiral you as they are completely normal.
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