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Masturbation OCD,need help

Hello , since 6 month , the OCD of contamination started but about 1 month ago it hot worse that i can't do anything before wash my hands, i can't masturbate whenever i want, it scary me the idea of masturbating, but when i can't stop myself to do it and i masturbate i feel like i'm not clean , i can't touch anything even myself, if i touch something i must clean it, the door knob,light Switch and flouching toilet ,i feel i will make it dirty if i touch it, its like i will make someone touch my semen or ****, and when i wash my hands ,i wash it too much and i wash it to my elbow, i wash it more than one Time, i can't live like that, my life is stopped i can't do anything, everytime Time i enter to toilet i wash my hands too much, even i forgot what i was doing when i masturbate before OCD,but i'm sure i was normal , i remember my semen touch my phone , and i clean it only with paper towel
I need help , what to do? I have to Ask some questions:
1)is it ok to touch door knob and light Switch with my hands which i masturbate with?
2) is it fine to wash my hands with water only?
3)if i want to wash my hands with soap, is it one Time enough ?
4)when i wash my hands with soap, must i use alot of soap or little? I even forgot how i wash my hands faster
5)how many Time i need to wash my hands if i want to wash it with soap and water After masturbating?
I need help , i want to touch myself or things without those thinks , that OCD tell me if you touch something dirty like semen or pee , that means that you are dirty and everything you touch with your dirty hands it transfer to it , i'm so afraid of this thinks , what i'm supposed to do ? I want to touch but i feel like i'm locked, and if i want to wash my hands i must use alot of soap and i need to wash it more than one Time
Please help
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None of this matters.  Your problem is you are obsessed with masturbation to the point where it seems to be the only thing you care about.  What about all the other things you do every day?  And the reason you are obsessed is you have an anxiety problem, OCD, that you haven't dealt with.  If you deal with the anxiety, you will probably fix everything you're talking about because you will stop obsessing over it.  But it won't be easy.  Are you in therapy?  If not, do it, fast.  If you need medication, your therapist will refer you to a psychiatrist.  Life is full of all sorts of things.  Obsessing over one of them and aiming your whole life at that one thing just limits your life.  And it's making you very unhappy.  
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I've similar type of OCD.. but what Paxiled said might be true but won't help much maybe. A person with OCD about something might be well known of the fact that his fear or obsession is kinda unreal and not only thing to be thought. But it doesn't mean he is stuck on that willingly. Sometimes it comes all of a sudden in a kinda normal life. And much agonizing is the person forgets how his normal past life habits were, he forgets the life without compulsions which makes it difficult for him to live without compulsions. I know all these feelings as I've gone through these too badly. So none of these might really not matter but it's not that easy for a OCD brain to accept the fact. Isn't it better to rationalize somehow that the rituals are not required or at least not required much. I've gone to some docs though docs able to diagnose and treat severe OCD is a bit scarce in where I live. They do not go deep into stopping my compulsions just tells me to stop them forcefully or accept them and that didn't help me much!  
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