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OCD advice

Please could you provide some help for me. I've never spoken to anyone about this and don't know what I should do.

I think I've had OCD for most of my life (but never been diagnosed with it). But it's getting worse and is really affecting my life. My symptoms include having to double check everything (or triple check, etc), eg things unplugged, doors locked. I have an irrational fear of getting diseases (eg Aids and hepititus). I don't know why I'm getting worse but really need to speak to someone about it. For example when I leave work it should take 5 minutes to get to car, because of OCD (checking, etc) it's taking around half an hour. I feel like I'm going mad! Should I go to the doctors, I'm worried what they'll say, will it show on my records?

All help appreciated
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I have OCD myself, it's at a stage that I have tics that look like torrets, but ti's not torrets, those I have a harder time with to control. But there are a lot of things I have learned to control, and after a while they came easy to control. One thing that should help you that helped me is to think about what you are thinking about, because you make one of your OCD actions think about what you are about to do before you do it, and then keep yourself from making that action by turning around and walking away. Another thing that'll help is changing your habits, you said you like to double check things, that's necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it's even good to double check in case you are unsure, but you can also get away from this habit of double checking, example: When you look your door as you leave your home, give it thought that you are locking the door while you are looking your door. Now sometimes with OCD even though you know you locked the door, you still sometimes get this urge the double check anyways, when this happens, just do what I said in the beginning, to think about what you are thinking about, and when you are urged to turn around, simply don't, no matter how strong that urge is, you will feel good about it when you accomplish your goals. And remember, only YOU can control YOUR own actions. Please let me know how everything is working out for you, please update your progress. I am here to help with anything else that bothers you. Good Luck :)
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You can ask a therapist if it will show in your records, but I bet not.  I've been to therapists on and off for a long time, but it's not anything on public record.  I've dated someone with OCD, and we had to check the door when we left, jiggle it, and often drive around the block and come back and check it again.  I ran into him over Christmas, and he said he is not doing that anymore.  He has gotten into exercise and meditation/yoga - which itself may have become a replacement compulsion, but it's less destructive (I imagine- I'm obviously not an expert).  Anyway - please talk to a professional!  It will keep you from feeling like you are alone with your concerns, which is very maddening, and you don't have to be alone with it.  Life is for the living, right?  So live!!
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all i can say is, refuse those thoughts. submitting to them will make it worse. you're not going crazy. (crazy people don't know they're crazy)
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