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OCD and State of Indefference

I am suffering from OCD since 9 years and I had taken various types of SSRIs (prescribed by psychiatrists) during last four years I was on a high dose of Lavox with some psychotic drugs and and Clomaphranil. These drugs cause me to have a lot of sleep , I usually sleep about 12-14 hours a day.
During these four years I had done nothing, I had not watched any movie,TV show not any game, sports and even had not participate in any type of social activity.

I was having an excellent life before it and now I am 30 and my life is a mess, it hits my academic grades i din not score well there and I feel like a looser with no financial security.

Does OCD makes such states of indifference or does these psychotic drugs induce such apathetic behavior??
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I feel completly related to your case.... I sleep almost all day, and I never go out except for food or to see my psy...... Drugs in my case hardly do a thing when it comes to my anxiety and the pain that comes with it whenever the Ocd comes. So I feel the main thing with such apathetic behaviour may come part naturally and the other part with drugs. In my case I'd say is more on the natural side....still helps with the depression tho.
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I cannot find a reference for "Clomaphranil" so I'm not sure what you are taking in that regard.  I see the Luvox is a SSRI.

In any case, I'm thinking about two things because I take one SSRI and one benzo each night and I lead a very normal life.  The first is that you were over-medicated or possibly the second is that you have depression that was not being treated by these medications.  What did the doctors say when you told them how your zest for life has been non-inexistent?  
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