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Obsessive, Compulsive Behavior?

It was last night, well more like early in the morning (Around 4 AM), that I realized I needed to ask around about this and possibly tell my parents.

Just for small, personal details, I'm 21 year old male in college that lives at home.

Anyway, for the last year and a half at least, I've been having small compulsive ticks that have gotten worse in some ways. Like checking over things multiple times and saying a word or phrase multiple times for relief, sometimes it just consumes my thought for that period of 30 seconds to even 2 minutes. Like if I finish watching a short video on youtube, I find myself re-watching part of it multiple times for some reason --- this happened last night. It's worst at home, but it happens at uni too. I'll be writing something down and even check multiple times just to be sure even though I know I didn't miss anything -- I've even erased and re-bubbled in answers on exams that use scantrons. Even now as I type, sometimes I erase a word or two and write it over again, or just part of a word. It's annoying. When I watching something, whether it's in English dub or something with Japanese audio and English subtitles (I'm an anime fan), I find myself rewinding stuff to re-watch something I had already seen as if I missed something. I've been pretty good at controlling this, but it comes back to haunt me on a regular basis. And when I'm on social media site like Facebook or Tumblr, I'll find myself liking and un-liking something multiple times before finally liking the post, this happens with youtube as well sometimes.

I first noticed this issue a while back where I would read something, whether for school or recreation, and feel the need to re-read a sentence two or three times for no real reason except relief. Still, I didn't think much of it since while looking up material on how to learn to read faster, it said people normally do stuff like that on reflex. I'm starting to think this wasn't true.

I never had these problems until some time into my colleges years, I'm in my final year now.

This stuff is VERY frustrating and I know I can't be overreacting. At home, after washing my hands, I will find myself fixing the towel on the rack for several seconds and even touching the door and door knob multiple times in a certain way before I can leave. I don't really have any rituals or anything like that. I don't know if this is really OCD, but it's a huge problem even if it just cuts into only several minutes of my day usually.

Also, I'm not sure if this is related, but I do find myself "peeing" multiple times before going to bed even though I had peed already.

I think it's safe to say it's time to alert my mother, it's just frustrating. I had actually gotten some of these compulsions under control, but they flooded back in early this morning while I was trying to go to bed. I'm gonna start going to bed at midnight from now on and see if that helps. I did eat a plate of two, leftover chicken legs and yellow rice last night around midnight, that wasn't smart, but I doubt it triggered what followed. What soothed me was praying, but even then, I found myself saying "amen" over a dozen times as if I had forgotten to say the word after praying.

Anyway, thoughts and suggestions? Please, they are welcome, I really need it!

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Hi there...actually before I read your second post ADHD was in my head so that makes sense now.  It is not uncommon to have both OCD and ADHD.  I agree you do need to speak to your mom.  I'm sure you are under her insurance since you are in college.  Have you ever had therapy for your OCD?  

All I can tell you is that stress can make OCD worse and so I'm thinking that you are under more stress than usual and so the OCD is flaring up.  
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I have Asthma and was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. I take medicine regularly for my Asthma (Advair and I have a rescue inhaler) and haven't taken medicine for my ADHD since middle school as I have not needed it since.

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