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Ocd help

Okay so I recently had blood drawn at an urgent care... and my obsessive thoughts are making me think that the needle was reused even tho I’m 99 percent sure I saw it in sealed packaging... I freaked out so I got tested for blood borne illnesses which came back negative, this time I watched the nurse  uncap the needle... but now I’m worrying if she put the cap back on after she drew someone else’s blood... I know I’m being crazy. But I can’t stop. I need help really. I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m convinced I have hiv now and I stopped having sex with my boyfriend. Any advice would really be appreciated
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I know we don't give HIV assessments anywhere but on the HIV forum and this forum is for discussion about OCD.  You can feel better with OCD if you treat that condition.  Anxiety and OCD are as much a disorder and disease as HIV.  You need to talk to your doctor about it and get a treatment plan together.  This can be a few things and they say that doing multiple things leads to the best outcome.  Seeing a good psychologist and doing cognitive behavioral therapy and likely taking medicine will be recommended.  Talk to your doctor because you CAN feel better but first you have to keep in mind what the real problem is, mental health.  A good start at working on it was posting here seeing that your irrational thoughts are part of the obsessive thinking of anxiety.
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Okay thank you.. so just to ease my mind you don’t think I have an hiv concern about getting blood drawn?? And that it’s more of a mental health issue... I’m in the process of finding a therapist right now..
Stormi9, as stated, you may discuss ocd here but this forum is not for giving HIV risk assessments.  If you continue to ask for risk assessments, your post will be deleted. thank you.
Ok thanks
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I just wanna add I’ve been tested for hiv three times in the last three months with no exposures... except for “blood drawing” exposures...
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You have an out of control anxiety problem, at least regarding HIV but maybe other things as well?  You don't need HIV testing, you need a psychologist to figure out why you're obsessing on this and perhaps other things and a treatment plan to deal with it.  All the best.
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I almost want to get tested again but I feel like this is just a merry go round of irrational tendencies that need to stop. I just want to feel better.
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