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Ocd is making me feel so guilty about childhood play, am i normal?

When I was a child, around 12, I started being curious about sex. I spent a lot of time with my girl cousin, who was 9 at the time. We'd play things like imitating movies, where she would take her shirt off and lay in a sports bra on the bed, kissing a bratz doll head. I'd film this whole thing. She'd say things like do you want some coffee? So I don't think it was sexual, and I deleted the video the next day. I just feel so weird because she was younger than me. Was what we played really so bad or is it just the ocd guilt tripping me? Please help.
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OCD has nothing to do with guilt.  Don't know if you actually have OCD or not, most people on this forum don't seem to.  Anyone can have guilt.  You don't need to be an OCD sufferer for that.  As for what you did when you were 12 and your cousin was 9, people develop sexuality at very different ages.  You don't say if you used persuasion on your cousin or she was a willing participant, but hey, either way, you were kids.  It doesn't sound like any harm was done, just some role playing.  Kids do that.  You erased the video, so it's not floating around on the internet, which you would justifiably feel guilty about.  You didn't abuse her, which you would justifiably feel guilty about.  If it happened as you say, stop being so hard on yourself.  And how did she turn out?  Ever talk about it?  Or did you both more likely just forget about it and go on being kids?  
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Thanks for the response! She did mention it once as in 'hey, remember that?' and we laughed it off. Our relationship is still good I'd say.
Let it go.  She did.  Guilt serves one purpose, which is to teach us what not to do again.  But we can also assume guilt we don't deserve, and you might ask yourself, what in my life is causing me to think this was something when it appears to have just been some innocent child's play.  Then let it go and move on.  Holding onto guilt does nothing for anyone.  Peace.
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