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Sensorimotor ocd???

I’ve had this issue for like a month now and it started with me randomly getting heart palpitations (which for the record I know are pretty normal and usually harmless) but for SOME REASON it upset me so much that I’ve been manually breathing ever since and I’ve gotten heart palpitations at least 2 more times since then when normally I hardly ever get them. I’m very torn between believing this is just ocd and thinking there’s something seriously wrong with me. I don’t know if it’s happening more now because I’m hyper aware of my heart and my breathing or if it’s something bad. It only happens for a second and then it stops but it happens when I’m not anxious or even thinking about it. It’s possible I’m not actually getting heart palpitations and I’m just hyper aware of every little thing I feel but I don’t know. I know it seems like I’m just easily reasoning away all of my anxiety but I can’t bring myself to believe any logical thinking. Maybe I just need to vent this all out and be told I’m not dying or that I’m not crazy. I get them a lot when I’m laying down which I’ve been told is very common but I’m very terrified regardless. I’ve googled my symptoms for weeks now and only recently stumbled upon sensorimotor ocd but I can’t tell if this is what I’m experiencing. I’ve had ocd for as long as I can remember so it probably is, but I don’t know.

I’m not completely sure what I’m even asking here. I guess I’m just looking for someone to say “oh! me too!” so I don’t feel insane. Or even to tell me that what I’m experiencing is normal. If not, if I should go to the hospital asap.
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Were you diagnosed with OCD?  What you're describing isn't OCD, but it might be hypochondria, which is a phobia about your health.  If you have OCD, of course, if it's not fixed the anxiety will possibly spread to new areas, just as can happen with phobias.  My advice, such as it is, if you really are getting heart palps, seeing a doc is necessary just to make sure it isn't a heart rhythm problem or something.  But a lot of anxious people think they're getting heart palps and they aren't, but they are getting a symptom of anxiety.  I don't think you need to go the ER necessarily, but you should see a doctor first.  It's not always psychological, but in your case, it probably is, but you have to rule out the physiological before coming to that conclusion.  What kind of treatment are you getting for your anxiety?
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I’ve been diagnosed, yes. I have a whole lot of anxiety issues though so I’m not always sure what’s what. I used to go to therapy for it a couple years back and was on some medication that didn’t end up working out. It’s been a while since I’ve done either one of those things due to all the covid stuff going on and as well insurance and money issues.
Most of us can't fix this stuff on our own.  You don't want to wait until you're old to fix this, it gets harder as you age.  Nothing else is worth the money more than your life, right?  Find a way to get therapy and if you need meds, there are a lot of them so if one doesn't work out another might.

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