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Eye Irritation since previous work injury

My eye irritation has been getting worse and worse. From the beginning...I am an electrician, back in December or January, I had a freak accident where I was poked in the eye with a wire (NOT live) even though I had safety glasses on...Nothing was embedded in my eye, it was just the wire sticking out of the box and I turned my head JUST right so that the wire slid along my temple and behind my glasses and did its damage. I ended up at an occupational urgent care as I could not bear the pain any longer. It ended up being a minor corneal abrasion. I used my eyedrops, went to follow up appointments, etc, everything as instructed; until I was cleared. Everything healed up nicely, no effect on vision or anything else, at least at the time. It was a few months later that a random irritation developed, I figured out the pattern of when the irritation occurred and was able to avoid it for a while, at least until recently. So, the pattern was when I ended up putting pressure on my eyelid, happened mostly after my massages with my face in the donut pillow on the table, but it would also happen if I laid down in bed and held my head funny so my pillow was putting pressure on it. Sometimes even just rubbing my eyes for too long will cause the irritation. It feels the same as when I get an eyelash stuck in my eye, even though there is nothing in my eye. My wife and I think we can see what looks to be like a pimple way up inside my eyelid (not near the lashes like a stye) when peeling my lid up and open. And it seems like it grazing across the eyeball is causing all of the irritation...however, that blemish is still visible when I haven't had any flare ups in a few weeks, so I'm not convinced that it is the issue.

I've learned to hold my head just right when my face is in the pillow during massages, and it helps A LOT, but doesn't work every time. I always try to be careful when I have to rub my eyes. I have been using visine every morning and night, and also right before my weekly massage, again, it was helping a lot, until recently. It's just getting out of hand where no matter what I do, I end up with this irritation that is enough for me to want to go see a doctor about it, and I HATE going to doctors...I went once at 19 to get everything checked out before I was going to be off of my dad's insurance, I went again at 30 when I got married and obtained insurance, and at 36, have only been since for DOT physical and for this eye injury.

First and foremost, I am looking for some advice that it may be and home remedies. Short of that, a while after the injury, I recently obtained insurance through my new employer. But I am not sure if I should go back to the occupational urgent care since I strongly feel the issue is still related to the previous injury, in hopes that it gets billed back to the previous employer when the injury happened...or if I should find a doctor with my new insurance and have to pay out of pocket due to deductible.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in Advance,

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