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Inhaled some Kyrlon Spray Adhesive at work - will I be okay?

At the end of my workday today I was asked to help mount something using Krylon Spray Adhesive. I was stuck inside of a relatively small room without ventilation for perhaps 30 seconds or 1 min doing the job. The spray was used while I stood outside the room. I held my breath upon entering but quickly ran out of breath and took a few small-medium breaths in the room and even held a breath briefly once inside from air in the room. The only symptom I have noticed since then is what I feel to be the taste or smell of the stuff. But I could be imagining it. I went for a run after getting home and didn't have a problem. I have been noticing a bit of a wierd sensation and a slight taste when breathing but it could have simply been a result of the run in the cold weather. I know spray glue is toxic and is dangerous. I am very sensitive to doing damage to my brain or lungs over this. Is there any chance that either of these things occurred from such a small exposure?
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I am not a doctor but am suffering the long term effects of toxin inhalation.  A toxin could be any chemical really that your body has to rid itself of since it will recognize it as dangerous.  I think lucky for you it was a short inhalation and your body should be able to expel it over a little time.  There are time however when some particular ingredients will embed themselves into the cells of certain organs and will in time maybe have an effect.  

I would just wait to see how you feel in about a week or so and pay close attention to your breathing etc.  You may be still tasting it because it is coming out from your lungs.  The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself as well.  If after a week you notice any body changes just take note of it and be mindful of what kinds of foods that you eat as well.  Familiarize yourself with organic foods that are pesticide free and anything in a label that is not actual food.  I think Americans more than any other culture eat a lot of processed foods and things made with enriched flour (which is genetically altered) and your body can't distinguish the difference between toxin and also these types of foods.  

Hopefully your body will clear what you inhaled but just be careful of exposure over time if you have to continually have to inhale this.

Hope that helped.
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I doubt there will be any damage. Theoretically yes. Practically speaking, no.

I've been using Krylon spray adhesive for years.

Don't worry about it.
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