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Needlestick injury in dental clinic

I'm new graduate dentist and today I was performing a root canal procedure on a patient and had a needlestick injury. The instrument was a "rotary endodontic file" (no hollow bore) and had just been used inside an infected pulp in which there was blood and pulp debris. I had irrigated the pulp with antibacterial sterilizing (Miltons) solution and the file was wet from this solution but there was blood and pulp tissue in the tooth. The file entered my finger about 2mm in depth at an angle and drew a small amount of blood, like a pin prick. I immediately washed and rinsed the area. The patient is a male in his 50s, his reported medical history is completely clear aside from a pericarditis episode years ago which was related to an untreated chest infection. I checked further and the patient said he had no other health issues. He agreed to undergo a blood test to check.
My question is, am I at any further risk of infection if his blood test results are negative? Does it sound like a high risk scenario? Very worried
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