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Wrist pain

Hi im 24 and my job involves alot of typing mainly on the number pad. Iv worked there for 4 yrs but about 2 months ago i over did it typing and my right hand and wrist became painful and inflammed. My boss was unsympathetic so i went to the doctors who said i had tendonitus. I have been wearing a support since. It hadnt got any better so i went back to the doctors and i am now on anti infammatory tablets which have reduced the swelling abit. My boss also got me a mini keyboard with seperate number pad so i could use my left hand to type! I tried this for a week and now i have pain on the underside of my wrists ( mainly my left wrist) when flexing backwards and forwards and sometimes just resting. It seems to be worse now :( and i am worried about work. Can you please help, why do you think it is now worse and the pain has moved? Thank you.
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My sister suffered from carpel tunnel in both wrists due to typing. She had to have surgery to fix it. I had what a doctor thought was tendinitis in my left wrist but it ended up being a ganglion cyst. Do you have any kind of numbness or tingling in your hands, wrists or arms? My sister said those were her symptoms.
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Hey. No i dont have any numbness just pain when i move them, asthough my tendons are stretched if that makes sense. Eventhough i am on anti inflammatory tablets i still have a lump at the top of my right hand where it joins the wrist. What was your ganglion cyst like? Thanks
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Have you had an MRI on your hand with the lump? That's usually where ganglion cysts form. Mine was on the underside of my left wrist near the base of my thumb. No anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, or cortisone shots helped it. Mine wasn't visible on the surface which made it extremely difficult to diagnose. It was actually very small but attached to a nerve. I had it removed almost 2 years ago. I was unable to use that hand without pain.

It kind of sounds like tendinitis with a cyst on the hand with the lump. Did the doctor say anything about the lump?
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No i haven't, im hoping to go to the physio or have ultra sound treatment on my hands and wrist. The lump on my hand isnt painful, from what you have said mine doesnt sound like a ganglion. The doctor felt the lump but just said it was inflammed.

I was back at work today, my wrists dont hurt more when im typing just flexing, like answering the phone, so im not sure if ive just over stretched them because i moved my desk around last week changing my posture. Bad move i have changed back now. Also the occupational health nurse said i should lean on my wrist rest whilst typing which i have read is wrong! I think that is what has made them worse grrrr.
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That would be great if it is just inflammation. The cysts do hurt if touched. Unfortunately if it is tendonitis, rest is the best fix.

Good luck!
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Thank you, hopefully will be better soom. Take care.
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