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elbow swelling

hy .
my name is ajay kumar , iand i am from birmingham , uk , working as a chef .last 7 year .last couple of 8 month i have a pail in my left elbow.so i always go to gp doctor and they always give me pain clear , and told me like its going with in couple of month , then after some month they told me its a tenis elbow .and again they give me some kind of antibiotics and pain cler.and then they give me injection also , and i went in november in holdia in my country india , there i had some medicine related to elbow pain same medicine what i haded in uk , and after a month i back to country in uk .and i alwats going gym for my personal fitness, so after a week in that eleow there is sweeling start and its going big   so again i went to doctor and show that swelling so doctor give me some anitibiotics and told me its work very soon you dont have to worry then again its not work and till a month i had a antibiotics but nothing will work and sweeling is going big theni did my x ray and in xray its show bones are ok nothing a faxture ia there and then after they did my bollod test also , and in blood test its show like inflamation is there big and now swlling is going more big its cover near of all elbow part like you can say its cover 10 inch of part is round shape.now i have a mri sacn in friday mornig and doctore told me to take the decision on friday and doctor told me the last option is opration but i dont no why they taking so long time because its mroe then 9 months and swllind is so big its heat a lot and make me so worst i cant work even in my work place ,i dont have any problm for opration .but please help me for regarding this problm,and let me know what i can do as sson as possible ,
thanks abd besta regard
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hello ajay i think u r from andhrapradesh. any how don't worry. ur situation seems u need operation. but don't worry. now a days this operation is so simple and effective. doctors don't cut ur hand long. just a small hole. little longer than injection. but don't neglect. don't get anxiety first.
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Any type of inflammation is going to take a couple of different approaches to control.  Medication to reduce the inflammation, possible antibiotics and maybe surgery to remove the underlying cause.

Doctors aren't always going to have an answer the first time around. It's a matter of eliminating possibilities until a correct diagnosis is found. And usually they will try to eliminate the simple explanations first. Such as tennis elbow.  

It sounds to me like you have tendinitis in your elbow (inflammation of the tendon) or bursitis (inflammation of the fluid filled sac between the tendon and the bone).   Both of which can be caused and exacerbated by trauma.  If you were provided medication from your doctor and then you continued to work out at the gym, or abuse your arms at work, then your elbow is not going to get better.  Rest your arm. Let it heal.  Constant movement of a similar nature (such as a tennis swing!) is only going to reirritate it until after it's completely healed.

Please continue working with your doctor.

Take care.
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