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viginal bleeding

Ok my boyfriend and I are not having sex, but yet today when he was fingering me he went deeper then before. It felt like his finger was like going to pop out of my stomach. He would stop for a bit, but then do it again. It felt good but when i got home and went to the bathroom, I noticed that my vaginal discharge is this pinkish color, so basically im bleeding. But i am not not my period, nor do i think he pop my cherry, because for the fact i would have bled more. whats wrong with me and why is it like that and am I sick????? Let my know ASAP, very worried, if u can shead some light on this, very much help me, thank you.
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It's possible that he did 'pop your cherry' or it could already be popped. These days, girls hymens an break from exercise or using tampons. Doesn't mean you're not a virgin, but it can still be broken. It's also a myth that you'd bleed a lot it you did. I never bled my first time, and many other women don't.

As for the pink discharge, most likely that's because he went deeper than he's been before and it's irritated inside of you. This is completely normal, and only happens because it's not happened before in there.  You're not sick, so no need to worry. You might see this happens again, just because your body is not used to it.
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i was doing some research online & ive found that bleeding after having sex, bleeding while not on your period, blood in your urine are all signs that it could be cervical cancer although you didn't have sex you did say your boyfriend went deeper tham before i would go to the docs & get it checked asap.
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Honestly, don't do that type of research online. Almost everything you check online will say some sort of cancer, and there;s no need for it. VERY unlikely she has cancer.

She's not sexually active for a start, so chances are almost impossible of her contracting cervical cancer, and she's not showing ANY signs of it either.

She doesn't have bleeding after sex, or while urinating or between periods. Those symptoms don't mean you have cancer either - could be an infection, STD, UTI or rough sex. Anyway, none of that even implies to the poster or anything they said.
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