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Needle Stick Injury. Do I need more testing?

Hello there!

I am writing to see if I should continue testing for HIV. My situation is a little unique in that I feel like I ran down the virus. My situation began October 16th, 2017 while I was in the hospital setting... a man walked passed me and a very sharp pain went through my back. I was not sure if the man had stuck me with anything but my back was very red. Due to the fact that I am not sexually active and do not have a history of drug use, I totally freaked out. I started testing for HIV immediately. I did not have much knowledge of the virus so I started testing with my doctor, in various health clinics, and at the health departments. I tested for total of 6.5 months even though everyone told me to stop because it was probably just a muscle spasm. I did not listen out of complete fear and worry. All my tests were negative.

However, during my last test at the health department, I was stuck by a dirty needle that was placed down in the testing chair I was sitting in. I reported the incident, but no prevention medication was given. I was told that the prick was nothing to worry about. I went on with my life, but my health took a serious turn for the worse. I started experiencing headaches, muscle pain, swollen glands, fevers, night sweats, coated tongue, fatigue, numbness and more.
So far since the incident, I have tested 12x up to 6.5 months.

2 weeks- 4th generation blood draw
2 months - 4th generation blood draw
3 months - 3rd generation rapid
3 home tests- 3rd generations
3 hospital blood draws- test generations unknown
5 months- 4th generation rapid
6 months- 3rd generation
6.5 months- 4th generation rapid

I wish I would have never allowed fear to destory my health and life. I wish I would have listened, tested with my private doctor, and relaxed. Now, I may have something I can't get  rid of and it is all my fault. The guilt alone is slowinf destroying me. Do I need to continue to keep testing? I don't know what to do anymore.
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The needle has to be hollow plus the plunger must be depressed and substance injected to be an hiv risk. That would be very noticeable so it obviously did not happen since you claim that you just sat on it.
You had zero risk and wasted your time testing, but unfortunately you have not believed either of those 2 realities. Nothing has been diagnosed and you are very anxious even when told by hospital staff that you had a non-event. Your self diagnosed symptoms may be in your imagination from fear, so see doc to find out if they really exist but it has nothing to do with hiv.
Your life is not ruined since these were non-events, and a therapist might be able to convince you of that.
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Many Blessings and Kindness to you.

I am not sure what kind of needle it was. I went back at 10.5 months for both hiv/hcv rapid tests due to more extreme symptoms and still feeling very under the weather physically. Eveything has come back clear. I have also obtained a therapist due to the mental impact of my own over -thinking.

Thank you dearly for taking the time to respond to my post.

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