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1976 Marine Paints nervous system problems

My husband was working on a refit of a 1976 ship....to cut a long story short...he was a welder..he was given inadequate face mask to wear and so he inhaled fumes.....the marine paints around where he was welding would give off fume as well as fume from his welding rods and wedling site. we know one of the Paints it was Zinc Chromate Hexavelant Cromium VI ..the other marine paints where red and white in colour.
one night at work a large amount of the yellow hexavelant paint was ground off above his head...he both breathed in the toxic dust and the the toxic fumes as it landed on his welding site...
he has now been goagnosed with reactive airways dysfunction due to the inhalation accident. of Zinc Chromate, he had ulceration to his airways ,terrible breathing issues, swelling to right side of face, dioreah for a few days and felt fluey, his body went icy cold, his urine went dark and was sweet smelling and he had a raging thirst...his blood chromium levels where 166.10 normal 9.00 when taken  6 days later

he went onto develope terrible small nerve and autonomic damage to his nervous system

no one seems to understand why his nervous system has been afected.....all illnesses have been ruled out for casing nerve problems

please can you assist

did the very high levels of chromium in his blood cause the nerve damage?? as I have heard that chromium leaves the body as Creatinine ...standard urine tests for Chromium VI look for Creatinine levels??? could that have caused a short term diabetic crisis that destroyed his nervous system???

or could there have been arsenic and lead in the paints that hurt him so badly???

we are 4 yrs in and he is still avery sick man

kindest regards

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I am sorry to to hear of your husband's illness and symptoms.

Hexavalent chromium is not known to have toxic effects on the nerves. Creatinine is a break-down product of creatine phosphate from muscle and serves as a measure of kidney function.

It is likely that your husband welded with a variety of metals and resulting fumes being present. There have been associations found with exposure to aluminum and manganese and nervous system symptoms.

Toxicological Review: http://www.epa.gov/ncea/iris/toxreviews/0144tr.pdf

More Information: http://www.engr.uconn.edu/~baholmen/docs/ENVE290W/National%20Chromium%20Files%20From%20Luke/Cr%28VI%29%20Handbook/L1608_C06.pdf

~ Dr. Parks

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Morning and thankyou for your reponce and articles very helpful, the paints would have included lead, Barium and possibly arsenic as well as other substances
the welding rods where Manganese and Barium and the Steel was Mild steel and Galvanised Steel,
We have no idea what was in the smouldering lagging!
Fume would have contained heavy metals and gasses
my husbands Barium levels 18 months after contamination where 20 times higher than national average readings
he wasn't checked for arsenic at the time
all that we do know is that 6 weeks before he went on board ship to work he was exceptionally fit..and achived his open water advanced diving cert...at work he was highly active and never tired and was never breathless, yet 7 weeks after entering that ship he collapsed and has never worked since
4 yrs on he is now a shadow ofhis formal self and considered 80% disabled
we live life as full as we can...but are still shocked and stunned at what has happened.
We have been told that a lot of what was in the Marine Paints of the 1970's have now subsequently been banned they where so dangerous to health hence my original question
finding the health problems associated with 1970's marine anti corrosive paints and fire retardent paints has been and continues to be a nightmare
thanks for respone
any further help always warmly accepted
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