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Begging for help

Symptoms are as follows:
Chest pain from level 1 to 10
1 being minor
10 feeling like a heart attack
1 is frequent nearly every day, tolerable
No problem to deal with, annoyance, can apply pressure

Anything over 4-5 escalates and peaks
Sometimes quickly, if quickly pain normally is not higher than an 6-7
This is more common
Dissapates 'usually' quickly and is over with for the day

On occasion Im not aware of pain until it starts at a 5 or above
Pain slowly escalates and peaks from 7-10
Pain disapates but starts all over and peaks again , over and over
Peaks are generally less severe each time
These are bad enough my breath is rapid, more rapid with how painful
Difficult to breath
Movement hurts more
Movement makes more intense
Trying to breath deep hurts more, makes worse and more intense
Nausea is slight to extreme depending on how long I deal with
I am hot and cold at same time, break out in sweat
Bones hurt, ribs and spine feel broken
Difficult to talk
Pain radiates from front to back , extends up and downward gripping torso
No position helps
Feels like heart attack at 10
Relaxing does not help
Pain is Excrusiating. Can not apply pressure at this point without causing much more pain
Bad attacks leave a bruised like feeling in chest that is not visable
All attacks happen when calm and happy, comfortable stress free

Went to hospital with first severe attack and d-dimmer was high but nothing else off. Heart was checked out by cardiologist and ruled to be no problems. Had endoscopy and numerous blood tests at different times. No other apparent health problems. Had MRI of torso and all organs appear fine with no problems. All gastro related problems ruled out.

What can this be? Please help :(

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~•~ Dr. Parks

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice. The information presented in this posting is for patients’ education only. As always, I encourage you to see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.
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My mistake, it was the area the site brought me to once I registered......you though are much like most docs which is sad to me. We need more docs that actually have empathy for folks. Please dont answer questions your not capable of in the future, its really more humane
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Let me know when you find an answer!!

I have it too!!

We travelled 40 minutes to get the results of a blood test - which
was clear and you know what the doctor said.
Take a deep breath.

I wanted to kill him.

If you know what it is PLEASE email me at jellybean_242***@****
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jellybean_242 at hotmail *******
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