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Infant & New Carpet Fumes

Hello!  We are about to move into a new home that was built about 4 months ago with our 10 month old infant.  My biggest concern along with the general "newness" of all the building materials is the offgassing of the new carpet that is throughout the home?

My questions are:

Is 4 months an ample amount of time for most of the VOC's in the home to dissipate to where is would be okay to bring infant in home?

Is there any actions I can take to make the home/air quality of the home safer for my infant?

Also, there is a carpet sealer out there called "safequard carpet seal" that claims to be VOC and odor free and is designed to seal out the VOC's being emitted?  Do you know if this is really an effective product or would I just be applying more toxic "crap" to the carpet?
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Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide you with a "it is safe" or "it is not safe" answer. Nevertheless, here are a few ideas to consider.

The reason that it is challenging to provide an absolute answer is that the time for off-gasing for carpets, furniture and other products depends on the product, the type of VOCs used in the manufacturing/fabrication process and the ventilation in the area or home. Also, there may or may not be other products, furniture, particle board, etc. that may also be off-gassing or have off-gassed already.

You might consider asking the builder what brand of carpet was installed; and, inquire whether the carpet (and adhesive) were low VOC or not.

Proper ventilation is the best and most practical measure to reduce the concentration of VOCs indoors.

Four months is likely an adequate period of time for the high levels of off-gassing to occur; but, remember...off-gassing (at low levels) continues for many months.

Also, please provide a link to the product that you mention in your posting and I'll provide a response.

Perhaps this link contains a similar product: http://www.greenbuildingsupply.com/utility/showProduct/?objectID=633

~•~ Dr. Parks

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