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battery acid breathing

I recently developed a bad cough.I would cough up a yellow mucus in the morning. Also bad middle back pain. I spend 8-12 hours in my pick-up at work. Yesterday I realized that the battery was off-gassing fumes. The battery was so bad it  almost blew up. It had a severe rotten egg smell. The truck battery has been remedied. I guess I breathed that acid for about 2 weeks . Many times just sitting in the truck with the windows up and the air on in 100 deg. heat. Now the coughing has lessened, and the back pain has as well. I was wondering if there was a home treatment I could do. I don't have much money and no insurance.  Thanks. Bill hayes.
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There are no scientifically proven "home treatments" that I can recommend.

What symptoms are you currently experiencing? Cough? if so, is the cough productive? Are you a smoker? Do you have any other medical problems such as asthma (or wheezing when you breathe)?

~ Dr. Parks

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