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rapid decline in physical health

I am a healthy 25 yr old active duty Navy female. For two yrs I have been on a relatively regular work out schedule based on running and other cardio supported with proper stretching and cool down exercises. Just as of four months ago I was in the best shape of my life. Then I switched duty stations from VA to FL and went out for a run one day and the following day I could barely walk because my hips hurt so bad. They were like that for about four days then they were fine but every time I would go work out, it was the same story. I finally sought medical attention when they started hurting all the time. I haven't run in over two months now because of it. The Navy doctors are slow to diagnose me and two months later I still have no answer as to what is wrong. They just keep restricting me from working out and certain job tasks at work. I have an MRI scheduled but I know I won't hear about the results from that for about three weeks after the fact.
So I started doing some at-home cardio, which was cleared by the docs and for the first week I was fine then three days ago I got a large knot in my calf that no amount of stretching, heat or messaging has helped and again I can bearly walk. So I topped the cardio and I woke up yesterday with an old shoulder injury from ten years ago causing me pain of which I have not felt since the accident. I can't figure it out and it's to the point where I don't want to wait around for another three or four months to maybe get an answer. I'm pretty good at looking things up on my own but with this I have no idea where to begin. How is it possible to go from perfect health and fitness based on routine for two years put me in this situation in less than five months?
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Based on the comments in your posting, you have symptoms in three areas:
1. Your hips
2. Your calf
3. Your shoulder

Each one of these focal areas of symptoms should be evaluated in depth. What type of pain (sharp, dull, achy)? When did the pain begin? What causes the pain to improve or get worse?

Also, if you cannot recall events that are causally related to your symptoms such as an injury during a workout, then blood work may be indicated to evaluate other causes of musculoskeletal pain (joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones).

Foot wear is also an important consideration for lower extremity and hip symptoms.

~ Dr. Parks

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