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A letter of pain

O World! Enough hesitation! It’s time to act

Hundreds of newspapers have been shut down in Iran; international reporters have been banned; hundreds of Iranian journalists are in prison; internet has almost been shut down; the sophisticated filtering system has blocked the contact of the Iranian people with the world; the police is massacring people in the streets in broad daylight and then blames the violence on the people themselves; the government is giving out lies after lies; all the minority ethnic and religious groups are suffering from the official oppression; prisoners have been tortured, raped, murdered; the Basij militia shoots unarmed civilians in the streets; students have been expelled from the universities because of protesting against tyranny…

While you, people of the world, are celebrating the New Year by embracing your loved ones with joy, while you dance to the Christmas tunes, the young people in Iran are dancing to the macabre music of the bullets and embrace batons and teargas. While you are hugging each other and wishing a happy new year, mothers in Iran are forbidden to shed tears for their children who were brutally murdered by the police trucks running them over. The people of Iran are alone, they are broken, they are tired, but determined to go on.

Do you think this has nothing to do with you? Do you think that you only need to worry about your domestic affairs? Do you think that saying a few words of condemnation will redeem you from your global responsibility towards human rights? Is this the global citizenship you preach?

This is the most dangerous State in the world. Hesitate in acting and you will see how this government, rooted in lies, will destroy your own children. What do you expect? Do you think that a totalitarian regime that does not show mercy to its own children will have pity on your people? Do you think that this beast will stay calm and watch you? Wrong! Hesitate and see.

The people of Iran have spoken with their torn throat and through the last sparkle of life in Neda’s eyes; they have written their vows with their own blood on the pavements in the streets: They want to be global citizens, they resent terrorism, tyranny, lies, wars, nuclear weapons… and they have died the most brutal deaths for speaking out. Why are you watching silently? Do you think you are safe? Do you think that this cancer will be contained inside the borders or Iran? Do you think that the rotten claw of this grim reaper will not reach you? Wrong. Hesitate and see.

It is time to act. There are people drowning in Iran. Do not believe the lies of the Iranian government. This government that denies all these brutalities is the same that denies the Holocaust, that claims that there are no homosexuals in Iran, that Neda Agha Soltan was killed by CIA, MI6 and BBC, and there is freedom of press in Iran.

How to act? We do not want any violence. This government is falling. Just do not support the government. Do not recognise the current government of Iran. Do not negotiate with them – How can any negotiation with someone who tells nothing but lies and is willing to break any promise, be fruitful? Do not be deceived by their lies. Expel the Iranian ambassadors and diplomats. You will lose nothing and will gain everything by supporting the future of Iran. Hesitate, and you will be run over by the evil machines of this rotten government. Hesitate, and you will be weeping over the graves of your own children.

It is time to act. Hesitate, and when you regret your hesitation, it will be too late.

Arash Hejazi, 30 December 2009
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You have given me much to think about and have reminded me how little I really know.  
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I know rahim I know we are all trying to get this President to get tougher he has been trying to do it the wrong way he has been talking of sanctions , talk is as far as it has gone  ...I thought you had been quiet ...have you invited others to join your group and get more input..we are with you my friend .America is still the same country it always was this year will be a defining moment here ..
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Margy, yes and no, America is still the same country it always was.  SOME of us are the same...  SOME of us recognize that Iran is in a mess, but the tree-hugging, green-peace-types would cry "FOUL" if we stepped out yet again.  

The current person in office isn't going to do anything, but frankly, I don't think ANYONE would at the moment.  IT ISN'T VERY VOTE-GETTING, and that's what it's all about any more.  No one CARES about the Iranians...  I'm saying, that, as a WHOLE, no one cares!  I am saying that it is NOT good for one's political career OR for re-election to get "us" into a "conflict".  So, we say we will let them "work it out themselves" and that it is "none of our business."

Unfortunately, Russia or China will be happy to step in where WE hesitate...  If not them, Somebody WILL.  It will and it MUST occur.  Iran is in a desperate mess, and we are turning our backs - but the American people, as a whole, don't seem to care...  

Our troops are stretched to the max, too...  We couldn't defend OURSELVES very well if we needed to...  WHAT A MESS !  We will be sorry when we stand by and watch what happens to Iran...
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I don't know if it is that people don't care-----  I think people may now be aware.  This is not at the top of our local news as many world injustices are not.  And since much of media is left controled and our current "leader" is not prone to do anything----- it most likely won't get much air time.  

Plus, people in general don't think that problems elsewhere in the world will affect them at home.  How wrong they are . . .
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A painful reminder of man's inhumanity to man.
I have a good friend who I've know for more than 20 years... she's Iranian and she is an artist. And, even though she's lived in the safety and comfort of the US for all of these years, she continues to pass herself off as Hispanic because she fears for her life and the life of her daughter.
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That's so sad, what you said about your friend...yet I can understand it, too.  We live in a pathetic world.
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I agree.
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Thank you all for your comments, I think ignorance of dictatorship government of iran and hearing people's voice by the universal society is the least we can do
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Ha Ha rahim you deleted the wrong one Ha Lol Thank you anyway it was on the other thread    .....
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hey guys I asked him to delete my response I meant on the other thread LOL he delted this one awwww I will have to think of anothwer one ...ROTL
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Don't worry dear Marg
I just undelete it
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Ha Ha thank you rahim hows today going ...is it as bad .we will be able to contact our senators to see whats happening about sanctions we do not know  anything else ,, other than our TV and the government tell us nothing at all, the transparency we were told be would have amounts to nothing everything is a secret .behind closed doors ......
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I fear that the United States is moving in the direction of dictatorship as well, as our voices are no longer being heard either.  At this time last year, I thought we were looking at socialism which is bad enough -- no, I'm sorry -- I suspect that our current "leader" thinks to install himself on a permanent basis.  

Our freedoms are being taken away one by one, day by day.......think about it -- there really is no more "we the people" as our constitution guarantees -- our congressmen no longer listen because they have their own agenda and the constitution has changed so much from the original, it's incomprehensible.  

The world is a sad place now and I'm at a loss because there are so many situations that we don't hear about without having to dig.... and so many situations entangled with each other that *I* have a hard time keeping up with it all.  
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Here that rahim Barb speaks the truth... thats also the way I feel ...I think we are on the brink..we in America are the last bastion of Capitalism it will be gone forever we will all be living the way the government wants us to live ...you ask for help yet the rest of the world is seeing the down fall of the greatest 'Free country on'  earth.your leader AH sees America as an Ally now , ..unless this year everyone stands up and is counted whatever the cost ...as an Immigrant I know what is coming ..I have seen it ...
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Dear Barb
Freedom is not something that when you get it, remains for ever. We as a people have to take care of it all the time and some times have to pay a priceless values for it. I believe idialogic governments are worst kind and they definetly end up with dictatorship.
advantage taking people hide themselves behind idiology and logic disappears.
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Dear Marg AH is not my leather, I think the message of the above letter is so clear and you shouldn't expect the greatest free country on earth shall always stay that way, it may dose or may dose not. As I said this is an endless way and a global strategy of mankind . You can not expect people lean back on what they had have freedom for ever.
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I agree that contacting our congressmen and senators feels more and more like it is falling on deaf ears.  I get form letters back stating they agree with me but then go on to say what their political agenda.  It rarely has anything to do with mine.  I feel very hopeless with that.  But it is a start right?  I think as we go about our life, keeping the topic alive with others helps a little.  Generally, people are uninformed----  which in this country isn't necessarily their fault.  The news doesn't get to us.  You have to seek it out if you want to know.  And our government has everything in such a mess that people are preoccupied with the acute situations of their life.  They don't realize how the big picture will affect them.  I've been guilty of that myself, to be honest.  I can't afford to do that anymore. . .
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Thanks for your thoughtful comment
God bless you and your wonderful family
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I say your Leader ..I do not mean that literally I meant it as the head of your government I could have phrased it better ...
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Dear margy
You asked what is going on these days in Iran
It is hard to explain that, just picture this in your mind that peaceful demonstrations are bitten so badly right after the fraud election by several layers of forces including soldjers  police ( which is supposed to protect people ) revolutionary forces of Sepah, Basij, secret agents and..... killing, turtureing, raping boys and girls and acuseing them being agents of US and UK and not allowing anyone to tell the truth. They call people rashenals but they destroy things I saw 2 police truck just several times passed over a man and killed him . Funny thing is chief said those police cars were stolen and we are looking for thief . See were we are ?
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You are right -- freedom must be looked after and protected; or it will be whisked away before anyone realizes it's gone.  

It is my strong belief that in our country, our freedoms are being taken away because too many people want the government to give them things for "free", such as your food, housing and medical care; and if someone gives you everything you have, that someone owns you and has the right to tell you what to do.  With our current administration, this is what they want -- to make the people believe that they (the administration) can give them all they want at no cost.  How silly can the people be?  And when will they wake up to the truth?  

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Dear Barb you just reminded me the economical guided coupons project for poor people of so called pres. Ahmadinejad and that is giving monthly payments to poor families for free ( 9/000/000 families ) which will be about 45/000/000 people without any productive work which will cause great inflation nobody can imagine. It looks like doing us a favor but they are actually making a beggar nation.
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I just hope the people in America wake up soon, before it is too late.
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Leave Iran....escape...move to some other country....
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