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Bone Graft Failure

I started having discomfort from a tooth (#12) a former root canal. I was on Amoxicillan, Clindamyacin 500mg 3x a day, then 4x a day.  On 5/6/08, I was put under for the extraction/bone graft as the Oral Surgeon said my infection would keep me from becoming numb.  A week later I had my follow-up appt.  I was still tender and had some facial swelling near my nose/cheek.  The OS told me it was normal since I had alot of bad tissue removed.  

A week later I was still swollen and started having pain above my upper back molars.  I went to my dentist since I thought it might be another tooth problem.  He took x-rays, tapped on my teeth, and told me he thought it could be sinus not tooth related.  He told me to take decongestants and give it a few days for improvement.  A week later I was still swollen.  I went to see my OS and told him what my dentist said about a sinus infection. He took a panoramic x-ray & showed me a small cloudy area in my left maxillary sinus.  He prescribed Augmentin for 7 days.  
A week later I was still swollen & went to see my MD.  I have pressure alot above my left upper teeth and sometimes my left temple hurts.  

My MD told me he didn't think 7 days of Augmentin would clear up a sinus infection. My MD prescribed Levaquin for 7 days.  After another week I was still the same and was referred to an ENT.  She wanted a CT Scan.  This morning I had the CT Scan and my ENT called me today to tell me there was nothing wrong with my sinuses and that she thinks my swelling is tooth related.

Now that I know it isn't sinus related I wonder if the bone graft has failed. Can you tell me if the facial swelling, pressure and discomfort could be indicative of bone graft failure? I'm concerned my OS shouldn't have placed the bone graft at the time of extraction since I had an abscess.  Can you give me any information or advice?  I plan on calling my dentist in the morning for a referral to a different OS for another opinion.

Thank you,  Wendy
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A second opinion consultation is appropriate after all you have been through.  What you are describing is consistent with either residual infection/abscess which may involve the sinus and bone and/or acute inflammatory reaction.

Bone grafts are often performed in an area of infection.  Restoring bone destroyed by an infection is one of the primary purposes of a graft.  In many cases, the infection cannot be cured by medications alone.  I would not be surprised if additional surgery on the original site is recommended.

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