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Change in mucosa texture

Hi im a 38 yr old male please somebody help, about 4 months ago i noticed a patch of tissue on my inside cheek just above the junction where cheek meets gum was different that the surrounding area i cant really see anything visually but can feel it with my tongue. It still feels soft but a bit bumpy.

I thought it would go away but it hasn't i have since notice the same texture on my lower inside gums around the area of 1st molar on both sides.

I now have MAJOR anxiety of what it could be, the dentist wasnt particularly concerned about it and couldnt diagnose the cause.

I'm now left in limbo worrying about it and not sure what to do next, its begining to dominate my mind and effecting my life. It isnt from abrasion and i dont have gum disease.

Is this normal?

Please somebody help me.
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