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Floor of mouth feels hard and hurts under tongue


I often have what feels like something in my throat is dislocated and I have to pop it back into place or it hurts bad and I can't swallow.  This is higher than my thyroid, I went to an ENT and he said it was probably my hyoid bone.  This has started happening more frequently in the past year and become more painful.  I have had dental problems, I had two metal crowns on the right side in the back of my mouth one on the top and one on the bottom.  I am 27 years old and have had those since I was a child.  One started to hurt and I had it fixed, I thought, by a dentist who said I did not need a root canal.  He repaired the tooth and put on a porcelain crown but it is still sore.  He said the one on the bottom was leaking some and needed to be repaired soon.  I have also been having jaw pain and he suspected mild TMD.  I told him about the floor of my mouth hurting and feeling hard and he referred me to an Oral Surgeon whom I have not made an appt. with yet.  My ENT wants to do a CT scan of my neck.  I have also had a neck strain over this whole year that will not seem to go away.  The hard painful lump at the base of my tongue would seem worse and then seem better of and on but in the past two weeks it just seems to hurt constantly if I don't take tylenol and it feels hard all of the time.  The ENT said my salivary glands were secreting fine from his pressing on them and that what I was telling him was deeper and thats why he wants to do a CT scan.  I can put the tip of my tongue  on it about an inch below my bottom front teeth it feels like a hard ball inside to me, from under my teeth to the base of my tongue.  The front of my neck is also sore from the outside just above the adams apple if I press on it the lump hurts more.  I do not know which avenue to pursue, the ENT or the Oral Surgeon or what could possibly cause this.  Please help this mother of four young children feel normal again.

Thank You and God Bless
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You should follow the advise of the ENT and get the CT immediately.  If the CT scan does not help the ENT render a diagnosis then I would insist on a biopsy.

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