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Gum grafting on an exposed implant

I'm very concerned.  I had an implant that failed, it was removed and I had bone grafting, then I had another implant surgery.  The bone and gum on the out-facing side of the implant receded and a good portion of the implant is exposed. It was recommended that I have gum surgery prior to having the crown placed on the implant because so much of the implant is exposed - it is very ugly looking.  The other option is to have a special crown made that extends up over the implant with a fake gum line.
What would you recommend?  What is the success rate for gum surgery over a metal implant? What is the success rate of using connective tissue vs tissue out of a jar for gum grafting?
Thank you so much!
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A free gingival graft will not work to cover the implant unless there is bone between the implant and the gum tissue.

My suggestion is to have a bone graft with guided tissue and bone regeneration to cover the implant.  This would not only yield the best cosmetic results, but would strengthen the implant by better bone contact.

The other prosthetic option may be to have pink porcelain cover the exposed implant.  I do not like this option.  Maintenance is very difficult and worsening of gum tissue can occur.

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if as described, do bone grafting the the outerside of the implant, if using patient's real bone: marrow which is taken from patient's knee, will that part of bone grafting will finally grow as patient's own bone and integrated with the implant? Thanks.
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