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Dear Dr.,
I've got severe throbbing shooting never goes away pain in my
lower right back two bigger teeth not molars they are out.  Both
teeth have crowns and had root canals before I came out to LA
am from the East.  I've take tons of pain meds but nothing is
working really.  The pain is in my lower right jaw and shoots
up into my head I feel horrible. Who do I see?, and what
could this be.  I am near UCLA do you have a good name
to refer me to because I once had a dental nightmare happen
to me.  Thanks so much.
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I'm sorry to hear that you are so uncomfortable.  I suggest that you first see a general dentist.  They will probably need to take xrays of the teeth in that area.  Approximately 10-15% of root canal teeth will develop problems at some time.

I don't have any names for you.

Good Luck!

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