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Hole after wisdom teeth surgery

It's been 8 days since I had wisdom teeth surgery to remove two of my right wisdom teeth. Yesterday, I had the stitches removed and the doctor said that everything looked great. While checking my teeth, I noticed a small hole in the lower part where my wisdom tooth was. I'm not sure if the same goes for the upper part as it's hard to see. Is this normal or should I go get it stitched? How long until my gums go back to normal? I'm afraid that food would get in the hole and cause infection. Will I be able to eat on my right side?

I rinse my teeth with salt and water daily. Do you recommend that I use mouthwash instead? If so, what kind/color.

I know I've asked a lot of questions. I would just really appreciate it if I can get answers as this is the first time I have my wisdom teeth extracted.

Thanks in advance.

* I just finished taking my last antibiotic (Augmentin) pill and the doctor said to stop taking Voltaren.
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What you are describing sounds very routine, particularly if the teeth extracted were partially or fully erupted. It can take up to 6-8 weeks for the holes to fully close. You should be able to eat normally and use any rinse that you prefer. You can also ask your doctor for a small plastic syringe to help irrigate the area directly.

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I have a similar situation. My wisdom tooth was in the lower right side and growing lying down in the gum.(like a T for example, the line stands for how my widsom tooth was growing into the top of the T.  So I have the whole present as well, but I noticed that part of the wisdom tooth still appears to be there and its very painful just to barely touch it,seems partly broken. Should I be concerned, Should this bony parts/chipped tooth parts be removed or will gum just grow over and this be fine. My only concerned it that if part of decay part that was causing the smell is still there.....I had a friend that used the syringe and it worked well, gentle rinse out food etc
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