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Infected dental implant

I had two dental implants placed in my upper right side in November, and after one week I was experience pain with the implants.  I had to seek help because the surgeon who placed in the implants did not believe me.  I went to an Endo and he said I needed a root canal and this was the tooth next to the implant.  The root canal failed and my tooth was removed due to a fx apex.  The right eye tooth needed a root canal next, but the pain continues in the first implant.  I went to an oral surgeon and he said the implant was infected and in my sinus cavity.  This implant was removed.  The my jaw did not heal correctly, because there were bone fragments and pus were the first tooth was removed, and implant.  The second implant was pinching into my jaw and they was a notch there, and this implant was remove.  Now I have a large ulceration above my right eye tooth to my jawline and there is a hard are near my right nostril you can palpate hard area my face.  I am noticing clear drainage leaking out of my right nostril, and this area feels different from the left side.  The right eye tooth does not feel normal (if this is correct to you), and I feel pressure above the jawline.  Please help me.  Thank you Karen
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Unfortunately, it is impossible to make a diagnosis based on your description.  Your symptoms are NOT typical following the original implant surgery you have described.  However, I can tell you that what you are describing is consistent with an infection and inflammation of some origin.  Being that your symptoms started only after the implant surgery I would be alerted to something done at that time is this issue.

I am curious as to why the root canal needed to be done all of a sudden after the implant surgery.  Was there a pre-existing problem with that tooth?

I would also be concerned about a communication between your sinus cavity and your mouth.

If you have not lost confidence in the "surgeon" who did the implant placement surgery, I would return to them to discuss your situation.  I am assuming you were treated by an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon.  If you have not been seen by a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon then I recommend you see one as soon as possible.  A CT scan of the area may be helpful if the Oral Surgeon is not able to identify the cause by clinical exam alone.

Keep us posted.
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