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Jaw and neck pain


In the last few months I have developed some TMJ issues.  I have pain while chewing, aching type of pain in the massater and pterygoid muscles and even the digastric area.  I also have an unusual thing going on.  After having a CT scan of my head and neck, it was determined that the area between my hyoid bone and thyroid cartilage has narrowed.  When I swallow, I actually hear my cartilage rubbing against the hyoid bone.  

Can TMJ disorder cause displacment of the hyoid bone?  My bite feels off and my lower jaw does feel as if it has retruded some.  Have you seen jaw issues effect the hyoid area?  I know when orthoganic surgery is done that the hyoid is usually advanced and from that  I am assuming there is a connection between the hyoid bone and madibular placement.
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All the muscles and bones of chewing including the hyoid bone are interconnected in very complex relationships.  This is called the stomatognathic apparatus.

You should seek the advice of a Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon who treats TMJ disorders.

If the doctor cannot explain your throat condition I would see and ENT surgeon for a direct visual examination called larnygoscopy.

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