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Left Jaw Pain (Top and Bottom), Stiffness and Crown Pain -ALL LEFT SIDE

I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled on 1/10/09, it's been about two weeks now.  On around the 14th I tried not taking any of my pain medication to see if I'd be able to handle the little discomfort that there might be.  Well it was pain through out the left top and bottom jaw and it felt awful, it made the whole left side of my face hurt (including gums, teeth and even a headache).  The other thing I noticed is when I was racing up the stairs my heart was racing and one of my molars (crown's)  on that same left side was throbbing to the rythm of my heart beat.  I noticed I can't lift anything heavy or bend down to reach something because my crown on the top left starts to hurt.  It feels as though there's pressure and it's pushing my crown out.  I told the dental assistans to please be careful with my Jaw when they try closing my mouth again because it locks if it stays open for quite a while.  She took note of it but I think she didn't follow my advice.  Let me try to summarize my problems and my question. One more thing to note is that the jaw locking has happened since I was about 15 I'm now 27, now there's a pop (after the Wisdom teeth removal) though.

1. My left side of the jaw is in pain top and bottom without (Vicodin, Motrin, or Tylenol)

2. One of my Old crowns on that same side at the top is in pain everytime I do anything that requires me to lift or bend down where I'm exerting pressure (e.g. Couging, Sneezing, even going #2 bathroom) It's a sharp pain and it lingers for a couple of seconds and then goes away until of course I exert pressure again.

What would you suggest I do?  I'm going to the dentist tomorrow for them to place on of my permanent crowns, should I talk to the dentist or request talking to the oral surgeon?  My jaw gets a little stiff too, do you think #1 and #2 as well as the stiffness is all associated with each other?

PS. Right side wisdom teeth top was out bottom was partially out; Left side the top one was out bottom was not out
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Based upon your symptoms and the area described I would suggest you see an Oral Surgeon before having the crowns permanently cemented.

The surgeon can obtain the appropriate radiographs to determine if your sinus is involved or TMJ.

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