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Lesion found in Lower Jaw

I switched dentists at this time she did a full mouth x-ray which should a lesion in my lower jaw area.  
Where the lesion is located a tooth was extracted. The dentist explained the lesion that shows up could be a piece of the tooths root left behind, howeve, she is sending me to a maxifacial surgeon for an opinion.

Would the dentist be able to tell from xray if the lesion was a tooth root.  The lesion was 6mm x 6mm.

I am very worried.  Is this common or should I be worried.  

Please advise

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The surgeon should be able to determine if the "lesion" is a residual root.  Based upon the examination and radiographs, they will recommend either removal or observation.

Let the surgeon know that you are concerned about the area.  Sometimes dentists leave pieces of roots in the jaws if their removal would cause damage to adjacent teeth and structures.  

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