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Dear Doctor,

Thank you in advance for your answer and sorry for my english (I am a French expat. in Moscow, Russia).

My datas : male, 40 years old, 185cm, 120kg

Since 4 days I have experienced :
- discomfort at the left parotid papilla ; this papilla seems to be larger than the right one and clearly rubs molar tooths
- a lump on the middle of the left cheek (looking like a cyst?)

I feel discomfort throughout the day at the papilla and a feeling of widespread pain radiating cheek, ear and sinus mainly in the evening and at night. These feelings seem less strong in the morning.

All these symptoms concern only the left side of my face.

No fever.

I am very anxious and have to admit that I have regularly palpated my cheek for 4 days and examined the papilla repeatedly. Maybe I've increased irritation?

I have seen a russian specialist 3 days ago, he has prescribed antiallergic pills and chlorhexidine to rinse my mouth. I have a new appointement tommorrow as far as he wants to see the evolution of the inflammation of the cheek and proceed to complementary exams if necessary.

Please kindly help.

With best regards
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did you mean antibiotic pills? what is your question?
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