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Swollen left lower lip and face

Hi Doc, I hope you can help and give me a a possible diagnosis.....

I am male, 32 years of age and in average health.  

About some 12 weeks ago I went to the dentist to have a crown put on my lower rear right tooth.  A couple of days later the left side of my lower lip became swollen.  My left cheek has a slight swolleness to it too.  I have no pain, blistering, ulcers or numbness on my lip area whatsoever, however, on that day I first noticed it, I did initially feel a tingling sensation on the tip of my tongue when I noticed my swollen lip.  I have since seen a dermatologist and a dental surgeon explaining my symptons and they cannot give me any explanation, reason or diagnosis as to why my lip is swollen.  Today i went to the hospital to get another opinion but they have referred me back to a GP and Maxillofacial surgeon.  I am worried as to what it could be and whether it would be permanent or something more serious.  I have had no tests carried out i,e blood tests or allergy tests .  My health recently hasn't been at its best for the past few months (probably due to stress/worry) and I have had some strange problems with my stomach too which the doctor also diagnosed as a form of IBS - I'm not sure if anything is linked here at all.  Am I slightly over-reacting and being a bit of a hypercondriact here..?
Also, prior to having some dental work carried out, I had a slight skin rash/red sores on my lower right chin for several months which the doctors were treating me for Herpes simplex - I was prescribed aciclovir 5% (active ingredient of Zoviraz) after several months of using these creams I saw a dermatologist, she diagnosed it as dermatitis.  The skin rash/sores on my chin has since cleared using Fucidine and Fucibet as prescribed by the dermatologist.  This is great news being finally able to see some improvement on my face and being correctly diagnosed.  I'm wondering however if the aciclovir has had some sort of reaction and causing my lip and face swelling.

Searching through the web and trying to self diagnose has made me come up with sorts of possibilities such as:-
Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome
Crohn's disease

Any suggestions or clear guidance would be very helpful.

Thank you for your time and response.
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I suggest you see a rheumatologist who can perform blood tests to help determine the most likely cause.  You may have several symptoms of an underlying disorder.

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