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Tooth Extraction - Bone grafting

I went into the dentist last week after experiencing pain where I had previously had a root canal to find I have a large abscess under my root the size of a peanut M&M (according to Doctor). The bone is forcing the abscess to grow down toward my nerve and causing the pain. I am scheduled to have the tooth extracted Wednesday along with the bone grafting.
I am extremely nervous. The explained that because it is close to the nerve will experience temporary numbness that could last up to 6 weeks in my lip. Also that the pain will be intense and feel like I have an ear ache given it is my back molar and close to my ear. They have me SO anxious about the post operative pain I can hardly sleep. The procedure itself I am not as nervous about as I will be under twilight sedation. But with it being so close to my nerve and with what they have described I am a wreck. Can anyone prepare me for what is to come? How bad will it be?
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