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Tooth implant, infection, sweating

Hi Doc,

six months ago I got a titanium implant for a tooth that was extracted a while back.
About six weeks ago apparently I developed an infection (periimplantitis) on my new implant.
I had an abscess, got antibiotics for a few weeks, until the dentist cleaned out the bone four weeks ago.
The implant is still there.

Here is my question: since I have first developed the abscess I keep sweating at night. I'm waking up basically every night sweating. It's not really bad, I never had to change PJs or sheets, but it's really disturbing.

Do you have any idea if this abscess and an infection around the implant could be the cause of this?
Have you seen this before?

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Chronic systemic infections can cause night sweats, but there would usually be other symptoms related to the infection. I would recommend seeing your primary doctor regarding the "night sweats" and continue to follow the resolution of that abscess with your oral surgeon.
Dr T

p.s. you're not starting menopause are you?

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