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Tooth infection and swelling

Hoping you can help me.  I have an infection of my tooth and am currently waiting to call my dentists office to get an emergency visit.  I had an appointment for this coming Monday but need to go NOW.  Last night I noticed a little bit of my cheek looked swollen, this morning it is very swollen, almost up to my eye.  My tooth has been giving me problems but very recently I noticed a lump at the top of my gum, so that's why I have the appointment.  I'm very scared right now as my dentist doesnt open for 2 hours......I called a registered nurse and she said it does not sound life threatening and I should see my dentist right away, I'm just very worried.  If someone reads this in the next hour or so I would appreciate some advice please.
thanks, Mary
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I am happy to hear that you are being treated by a doctor.  Best of luck with the root canal.

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Hi again,
Just wanted to post an update....thank goodness I saw my dentist this morning.  I do indeed have an abscess, and he has put me on antibiotics.  I will have a root canal done next Wednesday.
Thanks Dr Kirsch....you pointed me in the right direction....I described this problem to you very recently and you told me it sounded like an infection.  I'm glad I took your advice and contacted my dentist.
Much appreciated,
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