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after implant , and I feel my half of left tongue numbness

after implant one left far tooth area, and i don't feel my half of tongue has still been numbness. My dentist says it's normal way to feel this way but I don't see normal because it's been over 2 weeks now. I still feel numbness on half of my tongues so I would like to have second option on this case.

What kind of doctor I should go after to check to make sure this is NOT permanent issue, and I would like to resolve my numbness.

I bit my tongue on left side , and i feel a bit pain now so I don't like to feel this way, and last long time

My Dentist told  some cases last for 6 months to be normal condition. I would like to know what kind of possible condition I face, and can reverse back to normal?

Any processes I need to check with my nurse maybe, or make an appointment with my medical doctor to check?

If my dentist made a mistake or something, anything else I can claim to my dentist then, I would like to make additional actions.

I would like to find out my conditions are normal.. or not. I don't have any numbness on other places, and just half left side where they did three shots to numb before the one implant.

Hope that helps for you to advise me further. Thank you very much
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Numbess of the tongue is a rare complication in regards to dental implant placement. Being that it's lasted for at least two weeks now, I would ask your dentist if he could refer you to an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon for a clinical evaluation. With a complete history including location of injections, type of local anesthetic used, and proper imaging, the cause of your numbness can hopefully be determined and potentially treated.
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