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numbnes & pain after wisdom tooth extraction

I know there are a lot of posts on this. I had my bottom wisdom teeth extracted 2.5 months ago. My inferior alveolar nerve was traumatized. I am seeing a deep muscle therapist and a TMJ pain specialist (I don't have TMJ but they are familiar with this issue). I am getting feeling back in my chin/lip, although it's hypersensitive. The discomfort is more in my eye tooth when I touch a certain area of my lip and my lip and the muscle in that area are still very tight and at times very painful. The TMJ specialist wants to put me on an anti-epileptic medication. I'm a bit resistant because there is substantial weight gain associated with these medications (which can be even more unhealthy than nerve damage). I have just had my 2nd steroid injection and although the tooth pain has subsided a bit, I am still having pain and the muscle is still very tight. Can I get any info on what treatment I should be pursuing aside from what I'm already doing? Can an acupuncturist help me? Has anyone tried the anti-epileptic meds and do they work? I pretty much understand what's happened with the nerve but can anyone explain what is happening with the muscle and does it need to be treated in a different way.
Thank you.
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You've described several treatments for several different conditions you have (nerve dysfunction, muscle issues)  These are two separate and distinct problem.

I am unaware of steroid injections being an appropriate treatment for either of these problems.  Several medications including antiseizure and a drug call Neurontin have been successfully used to treat dysthesias.  The risk vs benefits must be carefully weighed and these medications must be closely monitored by the prescribing doctor.

I am not familiar with any prospective clinical studies on acupuncture for your conditions.

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So am I right to be seeing the TMJ (pain management) specialist and the deep muscle therapist or should I look into seeing someone else? The TMJ specialist has given me the injections hoping by treating the inflammation around the nerve that the nerve would have room to move/heal. The deep muscle therapist feels there is scar tissue around the nerve that needs to be broken down. He uses a combination of ultrasound and deep tissue massage (which is no picnic). I'm thinking this is the reason I'm getting feeling back but I wonder if I would have gotten it back anyway since I was told it might take about three months to start getting feeling back. Everyone just seems so vague about this issue. If anyone can point me in a direction about this I would be so appreciative.
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