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possible tongue cancer

Hi I was wondering if oral tounge cancer can get smaller I have not been diagnosed just that i have a small bright red and white bump on tip of tounge like the size of the tip of a pin, but  a week ago it was the size of a tear drop and was a clear gray color I could feel more of the bump on my tongue then. now I can  barley feel it and it has never hurt so don't think its a canker sore ? .so I was worried it could be cancer I don't drink and have not smoked in 4 years I only use the e cigg .so can cancer shrink and get smaller with out medical treatment? May I add I know when it first started I had what I think they call  transient lingual papillitis little swollen taste buds that hurt but bump never did the tlp is gone but bump even thoe its smaller and has changed apperannce from like I said a greyish white to red with white center, is still there could this be bad ? Iam really worried

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Oral cancers do not spontaneously shrink in size.  However, lesions on the tongue can get traumatized by the teeth and increase as a result of the inflammation.  Any lesion that persists in the mouth for more than two weeks should be biopsied. The biopsy is a simple procedure that can be performed in an Oral Surgeons office under local anesthesia. A pathologist can then exam the tissue to make a definitive diagnosis. I wish I could tell you with 100% certainty that you do not have oral cancer, but only a biopsy can do that.  Keep us posted.    
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I added pictures to my profile so u can see the change in size and appearance
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Thank u doc the spot has been getting smaller but it has been there since the 5th so I will get a referal if its not gone by my next day off from work
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Hey doc went to my docs she said that it doesn't look like  mouth cancer to her something about color and etc and said she has diagnosed that in a couple patients thinks it may be from a allergic reaction but still wants me to go see a ENT to figure it out and iam guessing even if there pretty sure it's procedure to refer to specialist with something like this ? And quick question could zit cream have cause a bump of sorts if I got some on tongue I had a pimple by lip but zit cream on it before bed maybe I licked it ?
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Don't know if your reading this stil but I went to ent he looked at it and said this little thing didnt seem to concerned about it and I explained i was worried about oral cancer he said he didn't think it was cancer cause of size and etc but did a biopsy dang that hurt he didn't freeze it he numbed it and used some huge clipper tong things and pulled it out then saturized it ouch i get results in a week still a little worried but he really didn't think it was cancer which helps calm me down and iam pretty sure you doctors if you had any thought  it was a bad thing you tell the patient so they know what it could be the only thing he said was there is a virus it could be thats related to oral cancer which iam guessing is hpv which could of swore he said when telling his asst what testing needs done  ?but I know only a biopsy will tell just trying to stay focused on the good things
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