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sore after plate removal lower left jaw

hi oral and maxillofacail surgeion,
i had a plate removal 7 months ago
starting getting sharp pains like every 2-3 day or  less
i'm uesing ibruprofen pain killers
but it keeps on coming back
only tooth that is sore lower front
will that cause the pain?
or is the damamage of the nerve?
or a infection
reguards bluesqueen
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and the screw is in the lower jaw
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hi i went to see the oral and maxillofacail surgeon last thursday they can see the screw and it wasn't infected it just painfull  will jaw surgery cause my pain i had jaw surgery 7 yrs ago and its really painfull like stabbing pain now i''m getting an mri i hope it can show whats wrong with me the pain is so sever i get really tired durring the day, painfull when chewing,can't sleep on my left side of my face please replay a.s.a.p
i can't stand this pain anymore :(
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