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4 corner wrist fusion

I had a four corner fusion of my wrist as well as removal of the scaphoid in December of 2007. I have very little mobility and a moderate level of pain/discomfort. I have nearly no range of motion.

I'm very active and lift weights but I've been limited on certain movements. I'd like to know if there are any possible procedures or treatments out there that may be able to gain me some additional ROM and decrease my pain. I'd like to be able to work on Olympic weight lifting again (power clean, snatch, etc).

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I dont really think there is anything you can do to to increase ROM after a successful fusion. However, if you are still having pain, then it is possible that the fusion was not complete, or that there are other sources of your pain. I would recommend re-check with your surgeon.  Im not sure that olympic style training is the best choice for you at this point, and perhaps you should be concentrating on a more functional style of weight training?
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