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Compression Bandage for Hamstring Pain

I was wondering if anyone could help me with the proper protocol for a hamstring injury?
I injured it about 2 months ago while working (or should I say overworking) legs with a trainer.
It aches when in a seated position for a while but really only in my car. It also aches after working out my legs at the gym. I went through a period where the front quad would twitch but I think that was due to the constrain of my work pants while seated as it never happened while wearing shorts and has since gone away.

I am following the RICE steps in treating it but I have just purchased a compression bandage and want to make sure I am wearing it correctly. So, here are my questions:
1) When do I wear it. All day, when working out, after working out?
2) How long should I wear it for?
3) What can I do to keep from aggravating it while I drive?

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There are no rules for the use of a compression bandage.  For most patients I recommend starting by wearing the compression bandage during the entire day for about 3 weeks, and then progressing to wearing it only for strenuous activity after that.  You can continue to wear it for exercise indefinitely if it comfortable.  Be sure it is not too tight.
Many people get relief in their cars by using a rolled towel under their thigh to take the pressure off the injury.  One patient told me they got relief by turning in their seat heater.
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