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Epidural or Oral Steroid?

After years of getting spinal epidurals for back/sciatica problems, a doctor recently had me use an oral steroid "pack" that began with six pills and worked daily down to none.  He said he was doing this because there were so many areas of my back that showed possible causes for my pain, that he didn't want to take the chances of an epidural (very minor probability he agreed), and perhaps not get the actual cause of the pain.  I didn't think much of the idea, but he is a very highly regarded man in his field, so I went along with it, expecting very little.  To my surprise, the treatment worked very well, and it has relieved the pain immensly.  That was the first week of September '08.  I would like to start doing a regimen of one "pack" every four months, instead of waiting until the pain is fierce before getting an epidural.  Is there another expert in the group who could comment.  Much appreciated, if you will respond.
Bob Miller
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