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Extreme Muscle Tightness

I'm 22, male, and generally reasonably healthy.

As a child, I was a keen runner.  However, this all changed when I started going through puberty and had a growth spurt.  I lost all of my pace.  The reason was that my leg muscles (particularly around the thigh) had become extremely tight, and had lost all flexibility.

Walking around in general was still ok, although I could feel they were quite tight.  However, I had real problems doing any exercise.  I couldn't run properly not least because the restricted flexibility in my muscles made it difficult to keep upright.  The real problems started, however, after exercise.  While normally after exercise you might expect to be a little tight, for the next few days I could barely walk.  I had to literally drag myself out of bed and up the stairs.

I saw the doctor and physiotherapist about the problem.  They said it was something to do with my muscles and bones not growing in tandem correctly and it should sort itself out as I became fully grown.  In the meantime, they gave me some exercises to do, which helped a little but not a lot.

The problem hasn't got better now I'm fully grown.  I tried to do sport the other day and was crippled for the days after.  As well as preventing me from doing sport, I'm concerned that in the longterm this could cause other problems, such as excess wear of ligaments, since I'm probably not moving my legs as smoothly as I could.

I've seen the doctor again.  She said something about a muscle tone imbalance, but didn't really see what could be done.  She suggested I could take up ti chi or yoga.  I don't doubt these would help in some way, but I'm sceptical that they're going to help that much.

Any help for what I could consider doing next would be appreciated.
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I would suggest evaluation by a neurologist. If that work up is not fruitful, Then I would suggest supervised workouts in the gym, You should work with a certified trainer  who is aware of your problems and can design a program that does not do too much too quickly and incorporates safe stretching and core strengthening, with endurance training.
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