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Hip Pain

For the past few months I have had a sharp pain in my left hip. feels like it is in the joint. But feels muscular. I noticed the pain when sitting down, would lift left leg up to tie my shoe. Pain was mostly on the outside of the hip joint. Never feel pain while walking or biking but have started feeling increased pain while running. One day it feels fine and then another day if aggravated just right, I feel the pain. Probably an 8-10 on the pain scale. I work as a Firefighter/Paramedic so having my strength in both hips is crucial. any help pr advice would be greatly appreciated.
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If the pain is in your groin, this is the location of the true hip joint, and the common causes of pain are a torn labrum and osteoarthritis. It the pain is outside on your side, this is not really a true hip problem. Here the the likely causes are trochanteric bursitis, pyriformis syndrome, iliotibial band syndrome, and low back pain. Problems with the joint are often treated with surgery; outside the joint is more likely to respond to physical therapy.  I suggest seeing an orthopedist for an accurate diagnosis as the first order of business

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