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Ice Skating

It's already about 3 years after I last dislocated my knees.  I had done knee surgery on both my knees after dislocated both the knees.  My right knee is dislocated and a surgery was done to repair a medial meniscus tear 6 years ago.  Then the following year, my left knee was also dislocated and a surgery to repair the anterior cruciate ligament was performed.  But during surgery, the doctors discovered that my ACL was not totally torn.  Am I fit to tryout ice skating or is it a sport that I should avoid laterally?  And what should I do to strengthen both my knees?  Thank you.
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I assume when you say you dislicated your knee, you mean that you dislocated your patella (kneecap), as a complete knee dislocation is a highly traumatic event, and usually involves rupture of all the ligaments of your knee.
That said, I think there should be no real reason to avoid skating.  Start by a land training program consisting of weight work to build strength and endurance in your legs and especially your core.  A functional training program involving body weight exercises, and balance training would be great.  Work on cardio using the eliptical or the bike, I would avoid the impact of using the treadmill or excessive running.
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