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Knee replacement for 93 yr old woman?

My mother is 93 years old and is considered morbid obese due to her weight. An orthopedic surgeon has been treating her for pain in her knees. He says they are totally shot and should be replaced. Her regular PCP concurrs that she could get through the surgery to replace both knees just fine as does the orthopedic surgeon. However, I am not so sure-of course I am not the one with the medical degrees and experience.

She lives in an assisted living facility that requires her to be able to walk to exit doors in case of fire. I am concerned that when she returns after the surgery (she will have several weeks of therapy immediately following the surgery) she may not meet the standards of the assisted living facility and therefore will have to move to another facility where she will get more care and the cost will be more than she or we can afford.
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