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Meniscectomy or partial knee replacement?

I'm a 60-yr. old female with severe osteoarthritis of only the lateral compartment of my left knee, and complex tears of my meniscus in that knee. Given my increasing levels of pain, one orthopedist advised me to have the meniscus repaired or removed arthroscopically. Another said that with bone-on-bone arthritis, it wouldn't make sense to have arthroscopic surgery to deal with the meniscus at this point and that I should instead decide when I'm ready to have either total or partial knee replacement. My recent MRI showed that the medial compartment and patella are fine. I've done some research on arthroscopic meniscus surgery and on partial knee replacement, which I'd prefer to a total knee replacement. But the criteria I've seen for partial k.r. seem to exclude people who are overweight (and I'm about 40 lbs. overweight) or who are over 60. I could try to lose weight, but I can't manage to get any younger :-). Would doing something about my torn meniscus now be likely to decrease my pain, or is the only viable option having knee replacement (full or partial)? TIA for a reply.
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I think meniscus surgery, in your case, would be the triumph of hope over reason. Lateral compartment partial knee replacements are somewhat less reliable than medial side replacements, but is still a good option for you. I dont think your age is a factor, but I do think weight loss is a good idea whether you go for partial or total knee replacement. You may find that if you lose the 40 pounds, your knee pain decreases. Visco supplementation, may give you some temporary relief while you try to lose the weight.
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